i can't wait just like you can't wait / until we're out past familiar gates / those seven words shook the life back in / so let's just run 'til we lose our breath.

blue peter.

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packing up and shipping out. literally.

it's been a while since i called a boat my home for longer than a couple of hours out on the lake. i think it's like riding a bike. it should be, right??

i used to be able to tie every knot known to man. i tied half-hitches more often than i tied my shoes.

i feel like i grew up on a boat. like a pirate. but not. it's a fantastic way of life. assuming you don't get sea sick or have a fear of swimming with sharks. and even if you do, there is a cure for both.

dramamine ... and swim like hell.

as your luck would have it, it has been suggested (which really means demanded, but demands can't officially be made by someone who isn't you boss) that i invest in one of those stoopid airport cards - or whatever they are called - ya know, the thing you shove into your laptop so you can always be connected to the internet, even if you take a weekend getaway to space.

so maybe during a particularly good heel, while i'm practically upside down, i'll post something particularly beautiful.

like water.

a very short conversation.

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mills: hey, do you wanna eat some dinner?

me: no, i just wanna keep drinking margaritas.

mills: me too.

[end of conversation. happy friday]

an evening with natalie.

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i love natalie merchant. i think she's a melodic genius.

once upon a time i was in austria. one day i sat on the deck of the house i was staying at for like a bazillion hours. the deck overlooked this massive lake which sat next to the alps. i don't remember why i was sitting on the deck for so long, but it probably had something to do with the fact that i was smack dab in the middle of heaven. like something from a post card except way better.

i remember i was listening to natalie's album "ophelia" on some absurd cycle of repeat while solving all kinds of world problems and answering all kinds of questions about life and how to live it.

natalie can make you do that. don't believe me? try it.

i was in love with a boy who also liked natalie a whole big lot. in fact, i think that's how i discovered her as a solo artist and consequently stuck her in my repertoire. plus, keep in mind this was back in the days of the early 20's when everything was a little bit angst-driven, so some of her painful and haunting notes suited my searching mood just fine.


i saw her the other night and this is what happened:

she broke my heart. (in a good way. and yes, that is possible.)

she inspired my heart.

she restored my heart.

and then she made me laugh.


and she's one of the only people in the world who ever had the gumption to tell the world to leave river phoenix alone and just let him rest in peace (remember the whole drug overdose thing at the viper room way back when?). and for that, she gets a high five.

i would like to go to dinner with her and pick her brain.

someone's secret.

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from this week's array of Post Secrets:

here's what i have to say about that:



not in five minutes. not tomorrow or next week. NOW.

who knows . . . she might love you, too.

hospital wifi.

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is quite possibly the single most important thing. ever. especially on days when one is required to sit in a waiting for an indefinite period of time (which is now reaching the 6th hour).

so here's what's up.

i've been staring at the east river for about 3 of the last 5 hours. i had almost managed to convince myself that it flows upstream. sort of just for fun.

i remembered today why i don't like the upper east side of manhattan.

it's not hard to explain, really . . . i just don't like it.

there is a turf war thing, i guess, that happens between UES and UWS people. i inhabited the upper west side for long enough to understand why is it better than the east for about a thousand different reasons. i have a crips-bloods kind of mentality about the whole thing.

it's weird that 86 degrees feels like a cold spell. but it does. i even have a sweater in my purse. for real.

just down the way is the 59th street bridge. which is also the queensboro bridge. i think it's unnecessary to give bridges 2 names.

but it gives me an alternate something to stare at when the river water makes me feel dizzy. which it doesn't, but i suppose it could after long enough.

i could get a better shot of it with my fancy shmancy iPhone (which i sometimes want to smash into tiny pieces just for being a product of Apple; but it's not the iPhone's fault. that would be like hating on really cool people just because their parents suck) if i weren't trapped inside this "family atrium" . . .

there are a lot of really great photos from the fourth of july weekend that i'm sure some people would find rather amusing. and by "great" i mean full of absurdity, insanity, and calamity.

and rum.

a lot of rum.

and a few margaritas.

and a beer thrown in for good measure.

maybe i will post them.

there is a woman sitting across from me who is talking, mostly complaining, to herself. i think i want to switch seats. or go outside. or just leave this place altogether. and go home.

okay, peace out. there is a river that needs watching.

liquid explaination.

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so, you're a brewsky more than a vino girl?

i'm all over the place
brew tonight
cuz it's summer
and we were eating outdoors

what kind?

well....it was tecate but we killed that so
now it's corona
liquor when it's cold....or hot....
or whenever
wine at restaurants
and sometimes at home when it's cold or hot

very nice reasoning :)

and daquiris most definitely when it's hot
but NOT when it's cold
and margaritas all the muthaf#@%in time

yea margaritas!! I had a margarita machine at my wedding reception.
it was the bomb-shizzz

hey jealousy!