i can't wait just like you can't wait / until we're out past familiar gates / those seven words shook the life back in / so let's just run 'til we lose our breath.

i’m pretty much completely ignoring you.

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but i’m a little busy being this:


staring at this:


while doing a moderate amount of this:


before ending the day with this:


but feel free to check back a little later when i tell you about the time [like yesterday] that i fell off the top of the refrigerator while holding a pelican statue.

it was pretty awesome.

and it’s on video.

because why wouldn’t it be.



Location: not at work.

stella is a bit overpriced but i like it.

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file this under:


or you can file it under: “marcy has bags under her eyes, why?”

or you can file it under: “make-up is overrated.”

or you can file it under: “remember that time someone roofied my stella and i ended up on a couch in queens?”

or you can file it under: “those ceiling panels might resemble something in a nursing home or elementary school, but those are recessed lights, bitches.”

take your pick.

oh and for the record, i don’t know if someone actually roofied my stella or not but i think they did and if you’re wondering if things got dangerous, they did not.

it’s times like these that i’m glad i have a slew of irish friends with who play funny music that i don’t recognize and say things in their off-the-boat accent that i can’t understand.

and yes, i’m well aware that stella is not an irish beer.

“a southern drawl, a world unseen.”

um. yeah.

that pretty much sums it up.

you nailed it, mon ami qui est loin et devrait ĂȘtre ici et avec qui je veux marcher et parler et rire et pleurer.

(because sometimes i like to speak french for no apparent or necessary reason.)

it’s what we did.

it’s what we do.


[Death Valley. 11.2010.]

[your photo of the day. welcome.]

bubbles are like pennies. sort of.

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the small hand full of seconds that your bubble stays in a sphere shape and rises in the air before snapping into a soapy wet mess is a good run of a hand full of seconds.

it’s like for that short span of time, everything is still. and everything is right in the world.

kind of like pennies.

when you’re faced with 2 choices, simply toss a penny.

it works not because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the penny is in the air . . .

. . . you suddenly know what you are hoping for.


the entirety of life is nothing but a sequence of choices. the smallest ones can have the greatest impact. and the bigger ones can leave you with not very much of an outcome at all.

the beauty is in the knowing that you have the choices.

and you can always toss 2 out of 3.

i could have put my skull in a burning oven and gotten the same results.

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there's rain on my windshield. quite obviously.

if it cuts the mercury level down a wee tiny bit while our inner cores adjust and we recover from the whiplash known as bypassing spring altogether, then i'm into it.

on a separate but equally important note, remember that time i got swine flu from the burger king playroom while babysitting a 6-year old?

well i do because it just happened.

why have we dismissed good ol' fashioned picnics and rolling around in dirt and muck? why do miniature people want to smash their bodies all over the plastic cesspool of food chains when they could just as happily sit outside and rip the heads off worms like we used to do?

the homies in hairnets really outta consider handing out tetanus shots with happy meals. let's get with it, bk.

but it's all good. nothing a little hand sanitizer and a sulfuric acid bath can't undo.

and to think my own mother fired me as a babysitter. true story. something about coming home and finding us on 2 completely opposite ends of the house. not really sitting with the baby, she said.

whatever. baby bro is fine, entirely unscathed, and totally adores me.

sorry, mom. it won't happen again. no really, it won't. brother is away at college and you aren't pregnant.

that would be weird.

Location:in the desert. but not really.

tuesdays were made to be beach days.

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self-employment has perks.

Location:the beach. duh.

mumford & sons has a funny way of rearranging my heart.

i shattered my phone once upon a time while running from a flood in my basement.

and replaced it in an unfamiliar mall in boston just 1 day after i’d left for the road trip.

for 35 consecutive days, i bounced between the 5 songs i’d managed to transfer to my new overpriced phone and the radio stations that changed formats as frequently as i changed zip codes.

m&s was one of the lucky 5 that made the transfer and carried me across the country.

[along with a talking heads tune that brings new meaning to classic and oh.hell.yes.]

beginning officially on an open highway on the east coast.

and ending somewhat broken in a parking lot on the west.

[but the good kind of broken. because we know this is possible.]

whenever i hear this song, like i did tonight, i’m right there.

and i am thankful.

there are not words to describe how much.

even though i think you already know . . .

there are 2,752 things wrong with this picture.

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it doesn’t hurt any less because a mere decade has [almost] passed.

it doesn’t feel any more comfortable just because we’ve had some time to get used to a new skyline. and hate it.

it doesn’t bring us any additional comfort to sit patiently and watch as cranes and heavy machinery attempt to bring back to life what we all know will never be again.

it isn’t any easier because i watched it crumble from a classroom in a southern state while you watched it fall from a sky that you could almost touch.

the sting isn’t any less great because i wasn’t born here.

and the sadness isn’t buffered by the fact that i won’t likely die here.

it’s a bittersweet reminder of where we came from.

and a significant blow to the idea of how far we still have left to go.

but it doesn’t make me any less proud to love this town.

and to know that she’ll flat out kick your ass if you so much as show her your teeth.

“the staples catalogue is like my porn.” (that’s an actual quote. no joke.)

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believe it or not, hanging out in staples in my sports bra was not the highlight of my day.


but they had little emoticon stamps that i stamped all over my hand.

like a 5-year old would do.

it helped pass the time.

all 30 minutes of it.

spent standing leaning in staples in a sports bra.

thank God it’s the weekend again . . .