i can't wait just like you can't wait / until we're out past familiar gates / those seven words shook the life back in / so let's just run 'til we lose our breath.

stoopid famous people who shouldn't be famous.

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guilty admission: i watched the hills tonight.

i don't wanna talk about it. hate on me all you want, it's dumb tv and dumb tv serves a purpose. although it probably would have been just as productive to slam my head against a wall, but i opted out of that.


according to certain unnamed idiots who live in los angeles (which is on the west coast of the united states. which is situated at a longitude only just slightly west of central america. which is only about a 3 hour plane ride from said central america), costa rica is "half way around the world."

i know, kristin. it's shocking, a'int it? hows about you take some of your overinflated and unjustified mtv paycheck and buy yourself a map. or better yet, an education.

head slamming against the wall is starting to sound pretty good.

for b. also known as j.

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i have been weepy.

we all have been a little weepy.

but it's because we love you more than you could ever know.

i told you a piece of my life changed in that little nook right by your front door. and i meant it. something changed. i had been changed. we had been changed. [i mean for heaven's sake, we were alone for maybe the first time. ever? ha!]

this is not goodbye.

it is see you soon.

and when we do meet again, my only request is that it is in a trunk.

because, after all, magic happens in trunks.

not just kidnappings and mob-related murder drops.

but magic.

and absurdity.

and excellent photo opportunities.

i love you.

and i hope that where you are going is just as good to you as where you have been.

and when you get there, just remember:

smile when it hurts the most.


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is over.

and reality is overrated.

name 2 people who care.

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there is an extraordinarily thin line between news and useless unsolicited chatter.

unfortunately, it appears, our HD frequencies are far too inundated by the latter.

like the 30 minute broadcast that i watched tonight. and i use the term "watched" rather loosely because it was sort of like one of those times when you're so comfortable in one horizontal position that you simply can not pry your body off the couch, despite the fact that you are about to pee all over yourself.

in this case, the remote was out of reach.

newsflash: bristol palin and levy johnston are getting back together.


what's worse than the fact that this has been deemed breaking news is the fact that the way-too-bubbly chicks bringing such a story into my livingroom are so excited about their jobs as "journalists" that they are pretty much one cartwheel away from a coronary.

side note to bristol: there's a pretty good chance this is not going to end well for you.

oh.....and......people who tattoo their own name on their own arm clearly have an over-inflated ego. nevermind major self esteem issues.

clark in heaven.

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a while back, i posted this.

clark's story is way too long and his life way too full for me to try and appropriately summarize here. in spite his harrowing fight for life, clark passed away on friday night.

politics and a heartless sector of the unites states government killed him. i am sure of that. they robbed him of a chance to survive, they made him wait too long, they denied him the very freedom of life that we are blessed with at birth. they mocked him by biding their time while he lay in a hospital bed day after day, week after week, month after month. they have blood on their hands and they have to live with that.

clark is at peace. and that's all that really matters.

please don't jump.

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if you aren't familiar with Post Secret, then you should be. a friend of mine introduced me too it many years ago before anyone really knew what it was and i've been fascinated by it ever since.

created by Frank Warren, it is essentially a growing global phenomenon in which people anonymously send handmade postcards to his house professing, often, their deepest darkest secret. select secrets are then posted on the PostSecret website every sunday, or used for PostSecret's books or museum exhibits. i imagine it is pretty freeing for most. afterall it is true that once you tell your secret, it is no longer a secret. and the weight of that is likely very lifting.

some of them are funny. some of them are profound. and a lot of them are just really really sad. like this one:

in the aftermath of this post, there has been an outpouring of response. facebook groups (here's one . . . and here's one) have been created urging, even pleading, for this troubled individual not to jump. in the midst of what might soon becomes an absoluted desperate tragedy, it's inspiring really.

if you clicked on the 2nd facebook link, you will see that do date (and i expect this number to increase even after i post this) 791 people are gathering together on the golden gate bridge this coming sunday to post loving and supporting comments which have been left on facebook and, i imagine, through other social networking avenues in hopes that they can reach this individual and encourage him/her not only not.to.jump. but to also realize he/she is not alone. i just hope it makes the difference.

i pray for this one.

leaving my cash at home.

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when traveling to atlantic city for work, there are certain rules which must be obeyed at all times, despite the volume of free drinks that might come your way:

RULE #1:

Rule #2:
Make your collegue pay for absolutely everything. Afterall, it was their idea to go to Atlantic City in the first place.

Rule #3:
Do not feel guilty about making said collegue pay for everything.

Rule #4:
Go to sleep at some point. Your body will thank you.

Rule #5:
Get out of town as quick as possible.

see you on tuesday.


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yeah so okay i get it. i slacked. big time.

but i have good reason.

if i wasn't at the beach, i was working. and if i wasn't working, i was at the beach.

and to all those jerzee haters out there . . . eat it, 'cause i can leave my house and be sitting on white sand in less than forty-five minutes.

so i'm pretty much in a euphoric summer state of mind these days and if i'm indoors, i immediately find a way to be out. and if i'm outdoors, then i'm not leaving.

this is what we we will refer to as "happy place":

and to all those wimps out there who moan about frigid temps in the atlantic? all i have to say is . . . I HAVE WET HAIR! nut up, suckers. take a deep breath and embrace the salt water.